About Deoxi

Founded in 2008, in Araçatuba, São Paulo, Deoxi Biotecnologia Ltda is a private company created to develop research in molecular biology with commercial objectives applied to the development of products that can make Brazil a competitive as well as a reference country in the field of genetic technologies.

Deoxi provides laboratory services in the molecular biology field, especially regarding the identification of DNA SNP markers and submicroscopic chromosomal alterations, using techniques for SNP chip genotyping and next generation sequencing (NGS).

The key differentials of the company are the high degree of specialization and technical competence of its staff, from directors to lab technicians, along with the strategic management and high-capacity relationship and infiltration in different sectors in the genomics field.

Since its foundation, Deoxi maintains a close and constant interaction with universities and research institutes, which favors the contact with customers and scientists associated with research and development projects. The company has a close link and share scientific and technical collaboration with the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Animal Molecular Biology of UNESP-Araçatuba, represented by Professor José Fernando Garcia, and with the Human Genome Studies Center of University of São Paulo, represented by Professors Carla Rosenberg and Ana Krepischi. These links resulted in the development of various academic activities and the establishment of productive ties with researchers from the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Italy, Austria, New Zealand, among other countries.

The mission of Deoxy is to develop innovative biotechnology products and processes through integration of scientific knowledge, advanced technology and strategic management based on ethical responsibility and social and environmental sustainability.