Deoxi Biotecnologia provides services with managers and technicians with specialized training in biotechnology and high-tech equipment. The company operates in the areas of human, animal and plant genetics, as well as in projects in research and development in these three areas and solutions in bioinformatics.

The company has its own equipment park and facilities with the most modern tools available for genomic analysis in the world, among which Illumina iScan and MiSeq.

Besides offering services customized to the needs of each client, developing solutions in genomics, Deoxy laboratories are available for students and researchers who want to develop their own experiments but have no equipment to do so and this service always counts with technical advisory from the company's staff.

Genética Humana Human Genetics:
Array CGH e SNP Array for CNV research:
Genomic microarray test for intellectual disability and/or idiopathic congenital anomalies: Prenatal or postnatal screening of the entire genome to identify submicroscopic chromosomal alterations. The simultaneous analysis of the pattern of thousands of SNPs also enables the detection of large genomic segments in uniparental disomy and homozygosity.
The test is performed in Brazil, in a laboratory certified and accredited by Illumina Corp., meeting all the international quality standards. All analyzes are supervised by geneticist Dr. Carla Rosenberg, an eminent expert in the field of genomic microarrays in diagnostics, with dozens of publications on the subject.
NGS for researches and genetic disease testing;
Genotyping Services in Illumina iScan platform .

Genética Animal Animal Genetics:
Bovine and Equine embryo sexing through DNA analysis;
Bovine SNPs based paternity test (ISAG and zebu panels);
Genotyping Services in Illumina iScan platform for all Illumina commercially available Illumina products.

Genética Vegetal Plant Genetics:
Genotyping Services in Illumina iScan platform for all Illumina commercially available Illumina products.

P&D Research & Development:
The R&D sector works with general biotechnology and genomic technology research and application to enable solutions in human, animal and plant genetics.
The company is involved in several projects on different areas such as Human Genetics, Pharmacogenomics and Animal Genetics all supported by Brazilian Government agencies as Fapesp, Finep and CNPq.

Bioinformática Bioinformatics:
Bioinformatics analysis support.